Understanding Downlights

Downlights, set into the ceiling, focus light downward to create a warm, inviting ambiance.

They’re a popular choice in both homes and businesses for their ability to distribute light evenly while maintaining a sleek design. 

Options available include various types, like the versatile GU10 downlights, MR16 downlights and all-in-one integrated downlights.


GU10 Downlights

The Flexible Option

GU10 downlights are known for their affordability and flexibility.

They accommodate GU10 lamps of different wattages and colours, this means you can change the colour and wattage by changing the lamp GU10 lamp within. 

They also come with a choice of finishes, brushed nickel, polished chrome or white. With this option you will need to select your choice prior to the work being completed.

These are the most cost effective option for installation


Integrated Downlight Fittings

A Step Above 

Our preferred integrated downlight fittings are something special.

They come with adjustable settings for both colour temperature and brightness, giving you the freedom to change the mood of your room at a moment’s notice.

Designed with convenience in mind, these fittings have magnetic bezels which allows you to change the appearance at any point, and you don’t need to know what you want in advance. You can have one of each if you like!

Alto Electrical are qualified, competent and registered with the NICEIC.

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What People Say

Our Choice

Integrated Downlights

We choose integrated downlights at Alto Electrical for a reason.

They’re reliable, long-lasting, and offer the kind of flexibility we know our customers appreciate, as it makes it convenient to change or remove the fitting, as they clip into the circuit, allowing you to replace it yourself should there ever be an issue in the future, or want to move them out of the way.

This is really handy whilst having other work carried out, whether you’re replastering or repainting, the other trades you have in will love the convenience of this.

They’re a lighting solution that adapts to your lifestyle, saves energy, and looks great doing it.

We’ve listened to our customers over the years, and their positive feedback on these fittings has only strengthened our commitment to them.


Your Lighting, Your Way

At Alto Electrical, we believe in providing lighting that does more than just illuminate.

Our integrated downlights are about creating an atmosphere, adding character to your space, and giving you control over your environment.

They’re a choice that many have trusted and been delighted with.