If you are selling your home, why would you want to consider having an EICR? Alto Electricial always recommend having an EICR when buying a home, this is because the electrical regulations (BS7671) recommend that an EICR is carried out every 5 years, or at change of occupancy. So why would you get one when selling up? It is not a legal requirement to obtain an EICR before selling a house! But is it a good idea? Yes it is, and here are some reasons why:

EICRs For Sellers

Avoid delays

More and more homebuyers are realising that the homebuyers surveys that they instruct on their potential new homes do not actually check the condition of their electrical wiring, meaning more and more buyers are (quite rightly) checking the condition of their new property before purchasing.

However, time and time again we find that it is a last minute realisation and often put it to the seller as a demand. This means that either party is trying to obtain a report that ideally needs several days to complete the inspection and compose the report.

This not only causes undue stress, but if the EICR comes back and remedial work is needed. This can cause delays, cause offers to be lowered or even withdrawn completely.

Be prepared

Having your EICR carried out in advance means that you can arrange and plan any remedial work if it is needed, using the company that you choose to. Although  Alto Electrical often try to squeeze any time sensitive work in quickly, sometimes it just cannot be done. Leaving work until the last minute means you often just have to use somebody who is available, this could leave you open to using a sub-par tradesman, and could result in the situation being exploited by unscrupulous con artists.

Selling point

If you can remove any worries that the buyer has, it will build trust in your home, meaning that they have confidence in your property. Even if there are any electrical problems, Alto Electrical always provide quotations for remedial work, this means you can choose to have the work rectified yourself, or you can tell the buyer exactly how much it will cost. We always honour our quotations for the new owner in this circumstance.

Avoid Negotiation

If somebody is concerned because of the age of the house, or the age of the décor, this does not necessarily mean that the electrical installation is also in poor condition. The electrics generally lasts longer than the aesthetics of the building. If you can prove to the buyer that the fabric of the building is sound, and it just needs a spruce up. This will give them less ground to negotiate.

Peace of mind

Often we put up with things in our home that don’t work properly and we haven’t yet fixed but we know that it’s there. Doors that need to be closed in a certain way to get them to catch properly, taps that need to be closed to a certain position. Many people live in need of minor repairs that they keep meaning to get around to.
But is it a socket that comes forward slightly, or a light switch with a cracked front?

When we carry out an inspection of the property, we detail anything we see, this means that even if you don’t have the repairs carried out, at least you know that the new owner will be aware, meaning you can feel comfort in knowing that any potential dangers are highlighted.


What about your new home? Have you checked that?

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