You and your home are protected several different ways throughout your electrical installation, all of these protections each serve a different purpose and together they keep you and your family safe.

EICRs For Landlords

Safety, safety, safety – protecting your tenants, and their guests from serious injury or death.

The safety of your tenants should be paramount to any landlord. Regular electrical testing will provide peace of mind that measures have been taken to ensure your occupants are safe, can you put a price on that? Injuries and deaths in the home are unfortunately all too common, but you can reduce the risk of electrical shocks, fires and accidents by ensuring your electrics are periodically inspected. This is not to mention the cost of a fire or serious accident which could have been avoided.

Compliance – meeting your electrical safety obligations as a landlord

There are various laws which require landlords to take appropriate measures to prevent accidents, including:

             The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020 States that a rental property should have a                       satisfactory EICR, with fines of up to £30,000 to landlords who do not comply which may also (since April 2018) result in being recorded                 on a database or rogue landlords

             The Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 requires landlords to keep installations in the property, including the supply of electricity, in good                       repair and proper working order

             Occupiers Liability Act 1957 and Occupiers’ Liability Act 1984 give landlords a duty of care for anyone visiting their property. In short, a                 landlord could be prosecuted if someone is injured on their land or premises regardless of whether the visitor is there lawfully

             The Management of HMO Regulations 2006 state that all Houses of Multiple Occupancy should have an EICR carried out by suitability                   qualified persons, and obtain a satisfactory report every 5 years

Each year 350,000 injuries and 70 deaths are caused by electrical faults, and statistics show that tenants are at a greater risk of electric shock. Each year a staggering amount of properties that we visit, do not even have RCD protection or electrical bonding to the incoming services such as water and gas. These are essential minimum safety requirements. Unfortunately, the worst offenders for this are landlords.

Insurance – making sure your insurance pays out in the event of a claim

Insurance companies are increasingly requesting that electrical testing is carried out and evidenced on a regular basis as part of your policy agreement. Requirements such as this should be detailed in your policy, so it’s important to make sure you have thoroughly read and understood it.

Whether your insurance will pay out in the event of a claim related to an electrical incident depends on the terms of your policy and whether you have met those terms. This may include being able to prove robust processes for checking your electrics are safe, such as holding a current EICR certificate, and that the incident was unavoidable.

Saving money – how an electrical inspection can save you

As well as making sure your electrics are safe, getting an EICR trained and qualified electrician to inspect your installations could even save you money. The EICR tests systems and identifies faults. It could be, for example, that you have an overloaded circuit or a piece of equipment that is overheating and is, therefore, wasting energy and costing you or your tenant money. An EICR report can make recommendations for efficiency improvements that you hadn’t thought of, or didn’t realise were necessary.

Energy efficiency – saving money and doing your bit for the environment

Further to saving money by having equipment that is functioning correctly, an experienced and knowledgable company, such as Alto Electrical, can also make recommendations for energy efficiency improvements. This could include lighting, heating, motor control, fans and pumps. In addition to cutting costs, reducing energy consumption is a great way of boosting your carbon footprint.

At Alto Electrical, all our electricians are trained and experienced in inspection and testing. Every report that we carry out comes with a detailed breakdown of anything that you should be aware of, whether it is unsafe, could potentially become unsafe or that may just be recommended. When you receive your report, if we find anything that may need work, we will provide you with two quotations. One for work that needs to be carried out to make your installation safe and compliant, and one for any recommended work.

Alto Electrical are Competent and Registered with the NICEIC, insured to £5Million, are reputable and approachable and offer great value for money. If you would like to discuss any queries you have regarding your rental property, would like to enquire about electrical testing or would like to book us in for a FREE QUOTATION, then call Kay in the office on 01778 772595.