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Our Covid-19 Policy

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We closed the doors in March due to wanting the preserve the safety of the Alto Electrical team, our customers and the local area. We have this month been advised that we must return to work if we are able to. We are not able to operate from home, so we will resume in our usual operation, however we will be taking extra steps to maintain safety. We will be re-opening our doors from 1st June 2020 and with that we are putting into practice some new procedures to keep you and our teams safe. We will communicate with you beforehand to minimise as much contact as possible. We will not be able to work in a household that has coronavirus symptoms. Please keep us and our customers safe by advising us if you have developed a new cough, a fever or are experiencing loss of taste.

We will wash our hands when entering a property, when we are about to leave and any time anyone coughs or sneezes. Please allow us to have access to hot water and soap when we attend your home. Hands will be washed for 20 seconds. Where this is not possible, we have hand sanitiser on the vans

We would ask for the area to be well ventilated before arrival. This could be opening windows and doors 30 minutes before. Where you are not able to do this, the team may do this when they attend.

We would ask that where possible you prepare for the team to arrive and reduce the amount of things they have to touch. This could include opening doors, moving boxes or leaving furniture out of the way.

Coughing or sneezing will be done into a single use tissue and binned, if this is not possible, it will be directed into a closed elbow.

The Alto team will wear a face mask whilst they are working, this is to protect you.

We would ask, where possible, for you to be out of the house whilst we are carrying out any works. If this is not possible, we would ask you to isolate yourself in a part of the house they do not need to access. If this is also not possible for any reason, we would request that you socially distance yourself from the team. The Alto team will wear a face mask whilst they are working, this is to protect you. if you need to enter the room they are working in, we would request you to wear a mask too. This is to protect them. If you do not have a mask, we can provide you with one. The team will be provided with disinfectant wipes and spray, if they have to touch any surfaces they will need to clean it beforehand. Please do not be offended, this is just to be extra safe.

The team sometimes choose to wear washable gloves, these will be changed between each household and washed before they are used again.

If you have any further questions, please contact us on 01778 772595 and we would be happy to help.